A 2500 Dodge Ram attempted to pass another vehicle and everyone's worst nightmare came true.  It was too late for the oncoming vehicle to get out of the way.

What went through the minds of those in the 2006 GMC Yukon as they saw the Dodge Ram pop out with no time for either vehicle to get out of the way, I don't know, but I can only imagine.

According to KTVB the crash happened about 8:10 last night northbound on U.S. 95 in the Council area of Idaho.  The Dodge Ram was able to swerve just enough to only sideswipe the Yukon but that still sent it flying off the road with its five occupants.  It's what happened next that led to vehicles exploding, fire, and unfortunately the loss of life.

After narrowing escape between the Dodge Ram and the Yukon the Dodge Ram smacked head-on with a pickup truck who was just behind the Yukon.  The truck immediately burst into flames and the two people inside could not escape.  They have been pronounced dead.  The third fatality was the drive of the Dodge Ram.  All five occupants of the Yukon were able to escape without injury.

U.S. 95 was blocked off both directions for seven hours.  All three deaths have remained confidential until family and friends can be properly notified and the Idaho State Police is currently investigating the crash.

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