Just when you thought our summer would continue to be one of triple-digit heat, the Treasure Valley is getting ready for heavy rains and wind expected to hit this weekend. Some say it will be like a hurricane hitting Idaho due to the massive amounts of rain and wind from the remnants of Hurricane Hillary.

The Treasure Valley is located in a mountain desert. Our unique location protects us from most winter winds and excessive snowfalls. However, there is little we can do about the high temperatures during the summer months. Wednesday's high 105 broke the record for today's high temperature.

We can expect that the winds and rain will cool off our area. However, driving and getting around could be a challenge. High wind could cause power outages leading to a lot of headaches.



National Weather Service Issues Flood Watch!

Weather experts say the rain and wind will hit us on Sunday and Monday. They're concerned about what could happen after the storms blow through, in other words, flooding. As we've seen during heavy rains, our roads are not built to handle heavy rain and fast-moving water. Please check your local source for the weather to keep yourself updated during this event.



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