Ok so you went to college right out of high school. You were super pumped about it, got good grades, attended classes regularly, then life happened. Now years later, you find yourself just a few classes away from your degree. If only there was a program that could help you out financially. Well, thankfully, now there is. According to KTVB, Idaho legislatures approved (barely) a bill that would allow for twenty percent of the scholarship funds to be distributed to adults trying to go back to school to finish their degrees.

Some House members pushed back on the bill claiming "the state should be helping younger students and not funding handouts to adults." I'm sure those adults in question will be pretty stoked to learn they can get a little help to finish their undergraduate studies. Earlier this year the scholarship fund was raised from $10 million to $13.5 million. Now all that's left to do is have Governor Otter (a supporter of the bill) sign it to make it official.

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