Thanks to Apple's latest iOS 16 update, iPhone users now have access to a "hidden keyboard" that may allow them to type and text faster.

While millions of fast-fingered cellphone users are comfortable texting on the standard QWERTY keyboard, iPhone users can now access the Dvorak keyboard.

Created in 1936 by psychologist August Dvorak, the Dvorak keyboard may initially feel counterintuitive.The Dvorak keyboard layout stacks vowels in one place on the left side of the screen, allowing for rapid texts to be sent with less finger movement. Meanwhile, frequently used consonants such as R, T, N and S are grouped on the right.

According to Ars Technica, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak learned about the Dvorak keyboard in 1993 and was impressed by its ease of use.

"I was on a flight to Tokyo, and I ran Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing in Dvorak mode. I spent five hours learning it and never looked at a QWERTY keyboard again. That's all it took," Wozniak said, sharing he and his son mastered the keyboard layout very quickly.

However, no word on whether or not the new keyboard impacts iPhone's "ducking" annoying Autocorrect feature.

Want to try your hand at the Dvorak keyboard?

Here's How to Get the Dvorak Keyboard on Your iPhone:

First, if you haven't already, update your iPhone to the latest software and download the iOS 16 update.

To access the Dvorak keyboard, head to your iPhone's "Settings."

Then select "General."

From there, select "Keyboard" and choose your layout from the options.

Finally, select "Dvorak" from the list of keyboard options.

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