We can all be better when it comes to how we treat those who work in the service industry and we should all be counting our blessings for having a nightlife as vibrant as Boise's.

Unfortunately - there will always be people that exist that show why we can't have nice things. Some of the reviews we'll be looking at are petty but some are interesting observations like the magical thing they call a "dancefloor."

Why are people taking a dump on Boise's nightlife?

Honestly - downtown Boise on the weekend is truly a magnificent thing and all in all, the vibes are fairly friendly. People are smiling, people are laughing at crosswalks, and the drinks are flowing in bars throughout downtown. It's truly an awesome experience to be a part of and it's what sets Boise apart from places say like... the infamous 6th Street in Austin, Texas.

If you're unfamiliar, it's a famous street known for its bars and nightlife. Unlike Boise, the people on 6th Street are wild, unpredictable, hammered beyond reason, and sometimes you're not sure if you're actually safe or not.

That being said - as great as Boise's nightlife is, there are still some people who don't know how good they have it.

Let's look at some of the pettiest reviews of Boise's nightlife that has us wondering... do we really deserve how good we have it in downtown Boise?

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