They don't hail from fancy or verified-bloodlines, but paper-less, Domestic Shorthair cats can make for terrific pets all the same!
If you're ready to open your heart and your home to one of Boise's strangest-looking adoptable felines or tom cats, look no further. We have five furry friends in search of their fur-ever families in the gallery below!
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House Cats: traits & features

Domestic Shorthairs, also known as house cats or alley cats, are as varied in their unique looks as they are in their personalities. From reserved and outgoing, to quirky, kind, and cuddly, there's a house cat for anyone looking to love and adopt one.
Generally speaking, the ASPCA says house cats tend to have rounded heads and paws, and medium-length tails. The average house cat weighs between six-to-12 pounds, and has a muscular body type. Male cats, also knowns as tom cats, are usually larger and heavier than felines.
Their coat colorings can be brown, tan, white, black, red, or orange. They can be bi-color, tri-color, or mostly solid. Their blue, green, hazel, or bi-colored eyes tend to be their most striking feature.

Low-Maintenance Lovers

As an added bonus, the Idaho Humane Society notes the house cat's low-maintenance nature makes them great pets for busy families or people who work long hours.
Felines and toms have lifespans of 12-to-14 years, and are terrific self-groomers that require little more than regular brushing and yearly vaccines/wellness visits. People who adopt them tend to appreciate their self-reliance. They're lovers when they want to be and strong, independent friends when you're not around.

5 of Boise's Strangest-Looking House Cats Need a Loving Home

They don't have papers and their former lives are somewhat of a mystery, but all the same, house cats/alley cats can make for a wonderful addition to your family.

If you're ready to open your heart and your home to one of Boise's strangest-looking adoptable cats, we're ready to help you find a lifelong furry friend. The gallery below features five incredibly unique and quirky-looking felines and tom cats in need of a fur-ever family!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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