The other day I was driving my 10-year-old daughter to school the other day, I spotted a kid around her age riding his hoverboard to school. Backpack and all, the little guy was braving the icy, grassy shoulder, not sidewalk, near Milwaukee and Ustick as traffic whizzed past him.

Call me over-protective, but the site of him bumping along over the sloped shoulder had me feeling panicked and scared for the kid.

Here in Boise, winter means business. And when our kids combine frosty weather with the adventure of riding a hoverboard, safety becomes a concern. If your kiddo is going to ride their hoverboard to school or just for fun this winter, it's worth familiarizing yourself with the potential risks. At least we think so.


Idahoans know when winter comes, so does the snow. Which means that Boise roads and sidewalks are often covered in ice and slush, presenting another challenge for hoverboard-ridin' kids.

Winters in Boise are often dark and gloomy. The low visibility is a significant safety concern when it comes to riding hoverboards to school in the early morning.

If your kids are going to hoverboard to school, wearing reflective clothes or attaching some reflective tape to the hoverboard could save their life. Since winter evenings come earlier in Idaho winter, night visibility is dramatically reduced, making it even harder for kids to find their way around their neighborhoods.

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), kids under the age of 5 should not skateboard, and children between the ages of 6 and 10 should only skateboard with adult supervision.

Unlike bicycles and scooters, hoverboards don't have brakes, leaving Boise kids vulnerable to serious spills. The AAP reports the most common injuries caused by skateboards and hoverboards include fractures, bruises, and sprains. It’s also pretty common for kids to hurt their wrists, forearms, and even their heads during an accident or a fall.

In the end, hoverboards and skateboards may seem like harmless toys or a cool way for our kids to get around Boise, but they can actually lead to some serious pretty serious injuries come winter.

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