Easton Klinker of Meridian, Idaho is boy on a mission—a mullet mission. CBS 2 reports Klinker's mullet, "Ida-Flow," is competing in the 2023 Kids' Mullet Championship. According to the Mullet Man website, if Klinker wins, he will be awarded with an exclusive USA Mullet Championship trophy and a reputation for having "the best mullet in the land."

CBS 2 Idaho // YouTube
CBS 2 Idaho // YouTube

Founded by Kevin Begola, a judge in this year's competition, the competition is designed to glorify the hairstyle popularized by 1980s rockers while raising money for a charitable cause.

This year's proceeds will go to the Jared Allen's Home for Wounded Warriors, an organization that supports who were injured during their time in the service. Mullet Champ donors for the 2023 Mullet Championship have already raised nearly $33,000 for the cause.

...Easton is kinda like a bald eagle. Easton’s mullet is a symbol of 247 years of American fan favorites such as BBQ, the bald eagle, red, white and blue, fireworks and big trucks. He wears it loud, he wears it proud so make him a true American champion.

–Klinker's bio

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Idaho's 2022 Kids' Mullet USA Champion Contender

Last year, three-year-old Ridge Peterson's performance in the 2022 Kids Mullet USA Championship dazzled the Gem State! The young boy's business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back tresses earned him a coveted spot in the top 100. Though he didn't take first place, Peterson marvelous mullet has set the bar high for Idaho's future competitors.
USA Kids' Mullet Championship '22 // Facebook
USA Kids' Mullet Championship '22 // Facebook
Interested in growing out a mullet? Have you toyed with going pro and competing in the championship? If you answered "yes" to either, you'll love the gelled and feathered coifs below!

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Because we just couldn't help ourselves, we labeled our favorite hairdos with "Top Fave" and dubbed them with nicknames! Trust us, even if you have zero interest in growing your rear locks out, these pics are like sunshine on a cloudy!
Have fun laughing your way through 80 marvelous mullets on America's most dashing young men!

80 Most Amazing Mullets of the 2022 Kids Mullet National Championship!

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