The Ban on Frowning

Did you know that in Pocatello, a tiny town in Southeast Idaho, citizens were once prohibited from frowning and scowling in public?
An ordinance prohibiting frowns, grimaces, scowls, threatening and lowering looks, gloomy and depressed facial appearances, generally all of which reflect unfavorably upon the reputation of Pocatello, ‘The Friendly City’; declaring the period of August 9 to 14, 1948, to be known as ‘This Week Pocatello Smiles’; creating special mileage stations and authorizing special mileage policemen; describing punishment and provide a penalty for the violation of this ordinance and repealing all ordinances and part of ordinances in conflict with the ordinance.
-Pocatello City Council

Why Would a City Ban Frowning?

After a group of councilmen were soundly rejected for financing by a scowling banker, the story goes that pouty expressions were banned shortly thereafter.
According to East Idaho News, the law was only enforced for a week in 1948. Its rediscovery by the Idaho State Journal in 1987 was flipped into an ad by the American Bankers Association to highlight the need to modernize U.S. banking regulations.

Smile, You're in Pocatello!

Soon after the article was printed, the town was thrust into the national spotlight over its comically received "Smiling Ordinance," inspiring the establishment of the annual "Smile Days" event! Today, Pocatello is known as the U.S. Smile Capital.
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