Things That Make You Go "Hmmm"

Just when you think you know everything there is to know about Idaho, it does something to make you go "hmmm." In this case, the Gem State has gone and done 12 crazy somethings that left us scratching our heads. Heck, some of them even left us shaking our heads.


Idaho laws that garner the most attention are typically those zeroed in on illegal activity. What makes these laws especially intriguing is the exact opposite. Given everything we know about our potato-loving state, several of these Idaho laws condone the kinds of activities, actions, behaviors, and choices that strike us as peculiar.

It's our humble opinion that the oddest among them are traffic-related. A lot of people listen in on local happenings, comings, and goings on police scanners. Unless we're being small-minded, doing so comes at no cost or harm to others. Our behavior behind the wheel, however, is a different wheelhouse entirely.

The choices we make on the open road have the power to break or reshape the lives of strangers. How is it then, that something as significant as blowing a red light or a stop sign in Idaho is okeydokey-Smokey?

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Do we have your attention? Quench your curiosity with a thumb through our gallery of 12 crazy things that are still legal in Idaho today!

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