No one actually enjoys the task of cleaning... do they? If you're one of the few who finds cleaning enjoyable, perhaps this museum is for you. We're talking about one of the oddest (and coolest) museums in the entire country and it's located in Pocatello, right here in Idaho - the Museum of Clean.

That's right - there is actually a museum that's dedicated to cleaning and I must say, it features some pretty amazing exhibits. According to its website, the Museum of Clean's mission is to "sell the idea and value of clean into the minds of all who visit."

The site goes on to say that the complex is an astonishing 74,000 square feet (they note that it's the equivalent of one city block) and features a variety of interactive exhibits. As a parent who regularly is on his kids about keeping their room and the house clean, this is an exciting thing to know. Imagine taking your kids to this museum and instilling some awesome facts about cleaning into their little minds at an early age. Life hack, anyone?

Cleaning is a vital skill to have and as we've seen on shows like Bar Rescue with Jon Taffer or Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay, having the skill to clean is one that can be the difference between success and failure:

So, the next time you or your children scoff at the task of cleaning, consider that it could cost you your bar or restaurant! Check out the Museum of Clean and all the incredible exhibits that you probably didn't know existed...

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