Mark Wahlberg is no stranger to making headlines. Perhaps a more modern term to describe his popularity is that he's an expert at going viral. The actor, producer, writer, and business owner is always on a big or little screen promoting his latest project in whatever form.

Mr. Wahlberg shocked the world recently with his announcement that he, like many folks, is moving out of California. The actor said that he's moved his family to Nevada so that his kids 'can have a better life.' Nevada is a good state, but it isn't Idaho.

Mark Wahlberg Through The Years!

A look at the iconic actor as we try to convince him to move to Idaho.

If the producer wanted to raise his kids in a state where family values are the most important, he should move to Idaho. Our state has everything a superstar could wish to create the perfect environment to raise their family. Nevada has two cities worth noting Reno and Las Vegas.

Would anyone want to raise their families in sin cities if they had a choice to live in Idaho where the people are free and the clean air?
We've taken the liberty to go over several reasons to hopefully persuade Marky, Mark, that he should renounce Nevada for our beloved Gem State.

Mr. Wahlberg vacations in Idaho. We saw many reports of his visit to Coeur d'Alene last year. Idaho has all the Hollywood connection without the big city hassles. Mark it's time for you to come home to Idaho!  See you soon!

This article was one of our most popular reads of the year. We still encourage Mr. Wahlberg to ditch Nevada and move to Idaho.

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