LA Earthquakes, Savannah Guthries' pregnant and married, March Madness and many more must read articles await you on today's Saint Patrick's Edition of the Kevin Miller Hotlist.  May the luck of the Irish be with you and yours today and everyday.  Let's get to it.

Ever wonder how whether or not Saint Patrick's Day is about anything more than being Irish, wearing green, and drinking beer?  Here's a background of today's holiday that you can use to impress your friends courtesy of Wikipedia.

How many times have we watched live television waiting for something to happen?  We endure so many teases from anchors and reporters promising something big will happen next.  This morning the tease-less KTLA morning show found themselves part of the big earthquake.  Read and watch from The Wire.

Savannah Guthrie celebrates being pregnant and married on the Today Show.  Shouldn't it be the other way around?  In depth team coverage provided by The New York Daily News.

Forget the lottery, it's tournament time and everyone is talking about it.  Before you fill out your brackets here's some background on a few significant teams from the Chicago Tribune.

If the story above did not satisfy your bracketology hunger.  Here's 10 things you need to know before you fill out your bracket from the AP courtesy of Yahoo News.

We're asking for your thoughts and prayers for Eagle Softball Coach Doug Corta.  The 45 year old just had brain surgery and has a great attitude says the Idaho Statesman.

Why would a drone spy on the honest Senator Dianne Feinstein from California?  I can't think of any logical reason why anyone would want to know what's going on inside or outside her home.  She tells 60 minutes that she wants drones regulated according to Politico.  Who would've thought that she and Glenn Beck would have anything in common?

Was it incompetence?  Terrorism?  An EMP attack?  Will we ever know what really happened to Malyasia Airlines Flight MH370?  The plane may have dropped below 5,000 feet to avoid radar says The Blaze.

Have you seen the new CBS TV Show Intelligence?  It has nothing to do with academia or a remake of Jeopardy.  It's a fictional action adventure series involving a man who has a computer chip implanted in his brain.  Is it too far fetched to happen in real life?  We could all be getting a chip in our heads sooner rather than latter according to the Wall Street Journal.

Friday nights are Shark Tank nights at the home formerly known as the Miller Mancave.  Mark Cuban spills the details on what happens when the cameras are off to Yahoo Finance.




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