Let's get out again before the cold weather starts to set in.

Living where we live, it's safe to say that we love being outside. We have so many gorgeous places to visit right here in our own backyard. I think it we had our choice, we wouldn't work from home, we would work from outside.

As a kid, I was outside constantly. We had 40 acres and I spent much of my time getting lost on the mountain, riding my bike (pretending it was a horse) and seeing just how dirty I could get before mom called us in for dinner.

It was a childhood that I could easily relive over and over again.

Although I didn't grow up in Idaho, I know there is a familiar love for the outdoors here. And I believe many of us are fans of state and national parks. Which is why we all need to visit a national park on Wednesday, August 25.

Especially since it will be free.

The National Park Service will be celebrating their 105th birthday by allowing visitors to get in without paying admission. So take advantage of it! But remember there are some parks that are requiring that you make a reservation, so be sure to plan ahead depending on where you are going.

And if I had to guess, those parks that have a reservation policy, are probably booking up fast for this free event.

Can you believe how old the National Park Service is? The organization was created on August 25, 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson. He was the one to sign the National Park Service Act. This act protected 35 national parks and monuments that already existed across the country, as well as those that would be established in the future.

There are now 423 parks across the nation.

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