Idaho’s Skin Cancer Risk is Scary-High
This weekend is going to be a scorcher and it's going to feel like the sun is burning a hole right through us, and maybe it is. You won't believe how high Idaho ranks when it comes to skin cancer risk.
Who Is Boise’s Best Pediatrician?
It's hard to find a good pediatrician because your friends don't want to risk you taking their appointments, and doctors tend to recommend their friends, not necessarily the best pediatricians. We've compiled a list of the best pediatricians according to Yelp and Google Reviews...
Severe Mosquito Season Predicted For Boise
Coming off of a year like we had, a severe mosquito season is not what we want to hear about. However, according to, that's exactly what we're about to be hit with next. Mosquitos are attracted to warm temperatures and standing water...
Should Boise Ban Cars In Some Neighborhoods?
Boise saw an explosion of people getting outside during the pandemic, using the greenbelt and sidewalks along busy streets to walk and bike. This new excitement for getting healthy and enjoying the outdoors was great for families and residents who took the shut down as a chance to enjoy what Boise i…

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