It's one thing to get sick from a product and an entirely other thing to have a product that alters your mindset without your knowledge.

The Food & Drug Administration is warning consumers about a popular brand of water that is doing just that.

One of the most popular brands of water is being recalled

This recall differs from previous recalls as it's not as dangerous to the public. In this case, the Food & Drug Administration is alerting consumers about potentially high levels of manganese and "three other bacteria" in Fiji water bottles.

The Fiji product in question, according to the FDA, is "Fiji Natural Artesian Water 500 mL (24 Pack) Case UPC Code: 6 32565 00004 3 Bottle UPC Code: 6 32565 00001 2".

While there is no official press release for this recall, it's important to understand the effects of manganese which Fiji assures "there is no health or safety risk posed from manganese or bacteria in the recalled lots of Fiji Water."

What are the negative effects of consuming manganese?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, manganese (Mn) "is a hard, gray metal that is frequently used in the production of steel." While small amounts of manganese are harmless to most of us, prolonged or high exposure can lead to some serious problems that can affect the lungs, liver, and kidneys.

The CDC says that manganese could cause symptoms that are similar to Parkinson's disease and can even alter your mood via "severe depression, anxiety, and hostility."

You would likely have to consume A LOT of contaminated Fiji water to experience those symptoms, but still... you can't be too careful, right?

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