Nampa Named The Top Place in The US to Retire
Where is the best place to retire? The total list was comprised of 30 "surprising" places for retirement. On the top of the list was our very own Nampa. Check out why it won. Also check out towns that made the list from our neighboring states.
Woman Fined and Got Jail Time in Yellowstone
Madeline was charged with a week in jail and over $2,000 in fines after walking off-trail and onto thermal ground at Yellowstone National Park. Not only could this have destroyed her, it destroys the landscape and the parks preserve that cannot be fixed.
Western Senators Rush to Save Keystone Pipeline
President Biden made good on his promise to move America away from fossil fuels last week.  The president signed an executive order stopping the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.  President Biden has said he believes climate change is one of the most important challenges to America…

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