In Arizona I took Astronomy college courses. I love the night sky. I nerded completely out for quite some time and wanted to eventually work for NASA. Radio stepped into the picture and now Astronomy and appreciating the night sky is just a hobby. When I first camped at Red Fish lake in Idaho with the Sawtooth Mountains shadowing the distance the night sky was so spectacular that I was well, star struck. I couldn't stop looking up for hours.

We are lucky to live in a state that affords us the ability to see crystal clear, stunning night skies. Love Exploring put together a list of the best star gazing spots in the United States. Idaho and our surrounding states hit the mark quite a few times for star gazing. So where is the top spot in the gem state to see stars?

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve in central Idaho. The ground is covered in 15,000 year old volcanic lava. Since it is so far from any towns their is very little light pollution making it an impeccable and sought after night sky viewing spot.


Oregon earned a top spot on the Ochoco National Forest. Good luck getting clear skies though. Oregon's Ochoco National Forest hosts an annual Oregon Star Party. Astronomers come from all over to camp and sky watch. 




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Montana won a top spot also with Glacier National Park. A stunning and well known place to see some of the best night skies anywhere. It is such a big deal here that there are events and activities put on throughout the summer. You may even get lucky and see an amazing Northern Lights display.

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Not surprising, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming also made the cut. Have you ever camped out there and looked at the night sky? On a clear night, wow.


One of Idaho's Southern neighbor, Nevada had two places named. Death Valley National Park that boarders California and Nevada. There is nothing out there but heat. In the cool desert night though, it is an amazing sight to see. Death Valley is even an official member of the US National Park System to be designated an International Dark Sky Park. It is also a favorite for night sky photographers.

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The second Nevada spot is Great Basin National Park, a well knowns International Dark Sky Park. This place embraces its sky and celebrates with Astronomy Festivals and other night sky led and astronomer events all summer. There is even a train called the Star Train that is a must do. 


Out of all the states in and around Idaho, Utah took the top star gazing spots with three named. First Bryce Canyon National Park. They are a massive spot for astronomy programs, events, and star gazing expeditions.

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Antelope Island State Park is known for its dark skies and bright stars. Antelope Island is an Island in the Great Salt Lake. It is bucket list worthy to see a beautiful and clear night sky from the Island. Star lovers travel from all over the country to see the skies from Antelope Island for good reason. 


Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah is a unique place to visit day or night. The park is known for its stunning arched rock formations and for its vast starry skies and make for some stellar images.

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