State of the Union

Wednesday 01/13/16 – Kevin Miller Show
Today's guests:  7:am - Utah state legislator and President of American Lands Council, Ken Ivory has an update on the Burns, Oregon stand-off;  7:35am - Fox News Radio's Jon Decker says the politicos are reacting to Obama's state of the union speech; 8:am - Bill Gertz from W…
Wednesday 01/21/15 – Kevin Miller Show
Loyal listeners join Kevin in studio to discuss President Obama's State of the Union speech and also make predictions on what Obama may talk about in Boise later today. Today's guests:  7:am - Fox News reporter Jeff Monosso has the latest on a broken pipeline which leaked oil into the…
Wednesday – Kevin Miller Podcast
Kevin got listener reaction to President Obama's State of the Union Speech. Guests included Chris Farrell from Judicial Watch, state Senator John Goedde of Coeur d'Alene and U.S. Senator Jim Risch of Idaho.