What was it like to watch President Trump's first 'official' State of the Union?  Well the folks, that joined Kevin Miller Tuesday Night at Dave & Buster's in Boise had a great time.    The house was full as folks from all over the Treasure Valley sat down, ordered some great food, watched the president and then shared their views on the president's state of the union.

President Trump delivered one of the best speeches in modern history.  It was reported that he mentioned the word 'we' 195 times.  The president was warmly received by the crowd at Dave & Buster's and the republicans in the House of Representatives chamber.

After the speech, the crowd had their chance to say what they felt about the speech.  Several folks gave their resounding support of the topics that were covered Tuesday Night.  Miss all the action?  Check out the photos and fun from Dave & Buster's.

SOTU Party
Logan Cunningham / KIDO TALK RADIO


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