There’s been nary a word out of Lucasfilm about a possible Boba Fett solo film since the project got sidelined after its original director, Josh Trank, left the film (or was let go, you can choose the version of the story you prefer). Just recently, it was revealed by Jon Favreau that the Star Wars television series he is developing for Disney’s new streaming service is titled The Mandalorian — the same alien race that Boba Fett belongs to. It appeared as if the Boba Fett movie had been quietly replaced by a sorta-Boba Fett TV show.

Appearances can be deceiving — or they can be entirely accurate! Here is an update on both projects, from a journalist who spoke with Kathleen Kennedy at a film event this week:

This is good. A wise man once said “Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to.” And that’s what’s going on here.

No one needs a Boba Fett movie. (Except maybe Jango Fett. He’s probably get a big kick out of seeing his son have his own movie. I’m sure he’d be very proud indeed.) And definitely no one needs a Boba Fett movie started by Josh Trank and finished by someone else. That is the least interesting Star Wars movie I have ever heard of, and I once listened to someone pitch me a Max Rebo movie for 35 minutes.

Disney’s new streaming service — along with The Mandalorian — is expected to debut in late 2019.

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