The Boise River continues to rise and cause issues around the valley! Officials strongly suggest having an emergency evacuation plan in place if you live along or near the Boise River.

The photos below were taken yesterday afternoon at the intersection of Glenwood and Marigold in Boise. At that time, the water was just starting to flow out onto Glenwood. You can see that the parking lot and the park near the Riverside RV park are all under several inches of water.

After heavy rains early this week, and the forecast for this weekend to be sunny and warm, the potential for more flooding increases. The reservoirs may not look full, but the fact of the matter is, there is still more snow pack to melt, and the acre feet of water in the snowpack is MORE than the acre feet available in the area reservoirs. The math doesn't work.

Photo: Rich Summers
Photo: Rich Summers
Photo: Rich Summers

As you can see, and are hearing more and more, the situation is serious.
Officials who are monitoring the river and watching the flow strongly suggest that residents along the river, or nearby in low lying areas have an emergency evacuation plan in place, and sign up for the "code red" alerts to stay on top of the situation. You can do that HERE

Proper sandbagging is also encouraged and they have a flyer that you can print out and use: PROPER SANDBAGGING AND USAGE

Stay safe….stay dry.