Every day, there's a new scam where criminals target unsuspecting Idahoans. Today, we want to inform you of a new scam targeting folks who believe they have jury duty. As if jury duty wasn't stressful enough, you have to worry about a fake summons.

According to Ada County, folks nationwide are being contacted via phone calls and emails threatening to prosecute individuals who bail on jury duty. They want your confidential information, such as identification, address, work, and other information that can be used to commit identity theft or fraud.


If you get a call that threatens fines and jail time, do not complain, and please don't give them information. You should hang up the phone and contact the jury commission. Our system of government is dependent on an honest and open jury system. It is a severe crime to pretend to be a member of the court system or a police officer.

If you receive an email, don't open the email and move it to your trash folder. If you mistakenly opened the email, do not reply, and don't click any of the attachments, despite how official they may look. Please get in touch with the Jury Commission and local law enforcement immediately.


If you have more questions, please click the link here. The link has several information sites along with law enforcement agencies that can aid you if you have any questions. Please have a safe and scam free Christmas Season.

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