Idaho now has an In-N-Out Burger as the famous West Coast fast food chain opened its megastore in Meridian. The opening is a tribute to In-N-Out's reputation, great food, and incredible marketing.

Media reporters happily covered the cold Idahoans; some camped out overnight to pay for a burger meal. The opening was so big the chain coordinated with the city, the state, and probably ACHD to manage the increased traffic.


A look at the continued appeal of one of Idaho's favorite fast-food chains currrently not in the state.


It's nice to see folks supporting a regional company. However, could you imagine the type of government we would have in Idaho if fifty percent of the passion for a hamburger translated to local politics? When was the last time that anyone camped out overnight to vote? Yet voting impacts our lives much more than a milkshake.



Could you imagine if somehow the appeal of In-N-Out could be harnessed to aid nonprofits? We're fortunate to live in an area where folks donate and volunteer their time to help others.    




When our country was founded, folks fought for the right to vote. They understood the blessings of self-government. There's nothing wrong with folks loving cheeseburgers; however, without our liberty, we'd all be eating grasshoppers.

Finally, we'd ask all passionate folks who've sacrificed their time to be a part of history. Consider making a difference by volunteering to help others, running for office to make a difference, or stopping by a senior center to see how you can help others in our area.

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