Who doesn't love going out to eat? Our society has turned dining out into an entertainment experience. You don't have to be a Restaurant Makeover or Kitchen Nightmares fan to understand eating out is worthy of social media channels and television shows.


However, how many of us have had our expectations of a great night destroyed by a bad experience? Can you recall your worst eating-out experience? As folks return home or travel outside of Idaho, area restaurants will see a massive increase in traffic. 

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Can you relate to some of these warning signs? Like a bad relationship, it's tempting to try to hang in there, hoping that your night out will get better. In most cases, if the experience starts terrible, it doesn't improve.


Here are a few things that should trigger your 'Spidey Sense' on the good, bad, and ugly of going out for lunch or dinner.

Long Wait

Robert Will Judge the Food

Some places will allow for phone reservations, limiting the time one has to wait to be seated. A warning sign is if you're on time and still have to wait. In the old days, with few choices, diners had no choice but to be at the mercy of the restaurant.

Bad Service

Great Waiter
YouTube / Viva La Dirt League

Is there anything worse than a server who could care less about your meal? You're paying for the food and a fast, courteous, and attentive server. If your server makes you wait or has a bad attitude, there's always the tip. Don't reward bad service! 

Bad Food

#5 Bad Food
YouTube / Kitchen Nightmares

Don't eat food that isn't tasteful. Send it back or ask for something else. Cold food isn't good food.

Dirty Restuarant 

YouTube/Vlog Creations
YouTube/Vlog Creations

If the place is dirty, imagine how they prepare your food. Better bail! 

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