It won't be long before Idahoans will not have to travel to Utah or any other part of the West to enjoy the food and fun of In-N-Out Burger. The state's first location will soon open at the epic center of food, retail, and entertainment, the Village at Meridian. Digital platforms, radio stations, and television stations continue to speculate on when In-N-Out will officially open.

It's hard to believe that The Village of Meridian used to be a big field, and now is where the action is not only in the Treasure Valley but the entire state. The Gem State doesn't have high-crime professional sports teams or any major distractions; in other words, Taylor Swift appearing in Boise would be the only event that could eclipse In-N-Out's arrival.


A look at the continued appeal of one of Idaho's favorite fast-food chains currrently not in the state.


We did talk to someone close to the project; however, we do not have an opening date. We would like to share with you five compelling reasons to pass on In-N-Out at least until next year. One more thing: we're happy to have them here in Idaho, but honestly, it will be a challenge getting food and enjoying the experience.



Eagle Road is the most congested traffic area in Idaho, and that's on a good day. The opening of In-N-Out will coincide with the Christmas season. Folks will be flocking to shop at their favorite stores, working out at the gym, or trying to eat at another restaurant.


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Every person with a phone will rush through the doors, posting on their favorite media platform. Other legacy outlets will do their best to cover the event, complete with live shots that take up time and keep the paying customers waiting.

The Demand

YouTube/ khou 11
YouTube/ khou 11

There will be little downtime during In-N-Out's opening run. Whether folks legitimately crave their burgers and fries, a meal in Meridian will be a hotter ticket outside of anything related to Taylor Swift. Plus, she can't compete with their burgers.

The Wait

YouTube/KHOU 11
YouTube/KHOU 11

Whether it's waiting in the store or the drive-through, the average wait is forty-five minutes to an hour, according to the latest opening in Texas. We understand that the store will do their best to get your food to you as fast as possible; however, the expected crowds will cause delays.

Chick fil A

The current king of The Village and Eagle Road is the popular chicken chain. Folks who grow tired of waiting for In-N-Out can choose Chicken over beef.

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