It was reported recently that Saltzer Health, a prominent healthcare provider in the Treasure Valley, is facing "closure or sale" by March 29th, 2024, leaving both employees and patients in a state of uncertainty, with many expressing shock at the lack of prior notice.

Some employees of disclosed that they were caught off guard by the news, discovering the fate of their workplace through news reports and concerned patients coming in with questions... before any official communication was provided. So, what's next?

According to KTVB, "The provider, with over 400 staff in the Treasure Valley, is still in discussions with other organizations regarding the potential purchase of some services." KTVB also shared a link to Saltzer's provider page, which highlights where some of them plan to work next and how patients can schedule appointments.

As the closure deadline approaches, physicians and staff members have been securing positions with alternative healthcare providers in the Treasure Valley (St. Luke’s, Saint Alphonsus, Primary Health, etc.)

And some providers are even in the process of opening their own practices. However, the process of opening new practices or seeking alternative employment is far from straightforward, with lengthy credentialing processes taking up to 6 months.

The providers we spoke with wanted to make it clear that they're keeping their patients in mind, emphasizing their commitment to updating and informing patients throughout the transition to ensure uninterrupted care.

Many employees, who were also patients of Saltzer Health, now find themselves navigating the challenge of securing new jobs and finding alternative healthcare providers themselves. However, many have also expressed a loyal commitment to remain with the same providers they currently work with, regardless of where they go next.

Despite the challenges ahead, healthcare providers and employees in the Treasure Valley remain committed to prioritizing patient care and ensuring a smooth transition.

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