It doesn't matter if you live in Pocatello or Boise; Idahoans love to eat. And unlike our national reputation, we eat more than potatoes. The entire Gem State has outstanding choices of fast food and gourmet restaurants. The Treasure Valley just completed an extensive tour of two national television shows profiling wonderful local iconic places to eat.

Whether it was the Food Network, the Paramount Network, or PBS, Idaho restaurants, have enjoyed their time in the national limelight. Although some of the attention, like Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue, could be more positive, folks across the country have enjoyed our great state's food and drink!

Most Idahoans have been clamoring for the famous In-N-Out Burger chain to arrive in our area. However, there are other places to eat that folks from Arizona or California would like to enjoy in Idaho. (On a personal note, is it asking too much to have a California Pizza Kitchen or a Ted's Montana Grill in the Gem State?)

We love our potatoes, but our state has so much to offer. With our growing food choices in mind, we've created a list of Idaho's most popular food choices. Who doesn't love to eat in our state and our country?

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Do you agree with our list or did we miss something or a very special place that you would like to share with the rest of the state? Don't let the name common fool you as you check out our list. These places to eat continue to serve outstanding food to all Idahoans.

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