In-N-Out Burger has quickly become a household name in Meridian, as the first outpost of this iconic fast-food restaurant opened its doors to very eager and excited locals. The hype and anticipation for this new In-N-Out Burger was absolutely unprecedented.

With the start of the new year, there have been some updated studies published that actually solidify In-N-Out's status as more than just a fan-favorite — it's now recognized for offering one of the healthiest fast-food burger options in America.

According to a recent article from and endorsed by the popular food news account @tastebud on Instagram, In-N-Out Burger secured the second spot on the list of the healthiest fast-food burger options in the nation. Topping the chart at number one is Whataburger.

1. Whataburger
2. In-N-Out
3. Checkers/Rally's
4. Culver's
5. Del Taco
6. Dairy Queen
7. Carl's Jr./Hardee's
8. McDonald's
9. Five Guys
10. Wendy's

Notably, Culver's and Five Guys are on the list as well, and those are contenders to In-N-Out Burger in our area. In fact, many will argue the burgers at those two restaurants are better, but as we can tell from this list, In-N-Out definitely has the healthier burger.

This revelation comes as a pleasant surprise to health-conscious burger enthusiasts in the Boise area, and In-N-Out Burger has long been known for its fresh, high-quality ingredients and a strong commitment to a simple menu. The study, released in honor of American Heart Month, considers factors such as nutritional content and ingredient quality.

As In-N-Out continues to make waves in Idaho, residents can now enjoy their favorite fast-food guilty pleasure with the added assurance that they're indulging in one of the healthiest burger options in America. Keep scrolling for other places Idahoans want an In-N-Out Burger and the TOP 10 Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants in the Treasure Valley.

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