The truth of the matter is, not all babies are cute. In fact, almost all newborns look like little old men alien hybrids. What do you expect? They were cooped up for nine months covered in amniotic goo. The hope is that after a few weeks the cuteness kicks in.

For some, that hope never comes. Gosh, that sounds ominous. But seriously, some babies are just uggos until they hit toddlerhood or later and then everything is fine. There’s no shame in that. But in the interim, why don’t we celebrate ugly babies being ugly instead of expecting friends and family to lie that your kid looks adorable?

Who is brave enough to admit that they have the ugliest baby in Idaho? The phrase "the face only a mother could love" is a thing for a reason. I know those ugly babies are out there. I'll be the first to admit, sometimes my kids look hideous when I snap photos of them. And those pictures don't get posted to my Instagram because I don't want anyone insulting my kids. But think if we re-frame it.

A woman went viral on tiktok for proudly proclaiming that her daughter was indeed a hideous baby. And once she said it first, everyone was so supportive in admiring how ugly her baby was. So, don't be shy. Let's see those ugly babies! Maybe you were the ugly baby. Share those pictures! We always see cutest baby contests and that's not fair to the homely babies. Let's give them an award.

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