You can dig through Google searches for hours and come up with a small handful of photos of this Southeast Boise mall. While the images have faded, the memories certainly have not.

When you see the words "defunct mall" you're likely to think we're talking about Karcher Mall in Nampa. In it's prime, Karcher Mall was really something spectacular. When it opened in 1965, it was Idaho's first indoor shopping mall. Karcher Mall thrived for years until the more centrally located Boise Towne Square Mall opened in 1988. Faced with competition from the "new mall" and eventually, The Village, it's decline eventually led to most of the mall being demolished. It's going through the process of being reimagined into an open-air shopping center called Karcher Marketplace.

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But...Karcher Mall's not the defunct mall we're talking about. We're talking about Parkcenter Mall, which opened in 1988, the same year as Boise Towne Square Mall. It was located on E Parkcenter Blvd, where Sage International School's high school building that houses grades 2-12 is today. By 2013, the mall was mostly abandoned and the charter school was eyeing it as an opportunity to expand. They eventually took it over and renovated the building in two phases.


ABC News picked up the story about the Sage remodel when they did a story on vacant malls being repurposed. Their article is one of the only places we can find a photo of what the mall looked like inside before it was renovated. In the photo, you can see Dr. Bigelow's old optometry office and the fountain that many people mentioned as they shared their memories of the mall on social media.

Sage also shared some images of the mall while it was being renovated. 

So what stores called the mall home before Sage International repurposed it into their school? This is what we learned through the memories YOU shared on social media.

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The Parkcenter Mall opened the very same year as the Boise Towne Square Mall, 1988. Sadly, it didn't have the same staying power. After most stores had abandoned the location on Parkcenter Blvd, it was eventually converted into the present day Sage International School. These were 13 stores that used to call the defunct mall home.

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