I have been in love with my Amazon Prime account since I took the plunge and became a member a few months ago.  Right now, the only membership benefit I've really taken advantage of is the free two-day shipping...but this news makes me super excited! 

If you didn't know, Amazon has been cleared to purchase Whole Foods Markets and was already planning on lowering prices on customer favorites like avocados (just in time for you to make guac for your Broncos tailgate next weekend,) baby kale, lettuce, certain varieties of apples, salmon, tilapia and more.  According to the Today Show, those price cuts are set to go into effect on Monday.

Although the types of discounts haven't been laid out yet, Amazon is also planning on rolling out special savings and other in-store benefits specifically for Prime members in the coming months. That's pretty exciting news since Whole Foods has notoriously been known for not having any type of rewards program for loyal customers.

Another thing you can expect to see starting to pop up in Whole Foods Markets like the location on Broadway Ave in Boise? Amazon Lockers.  If you've ordered something on Amazon that didn't quite work out for you because it didn't fit or came in the wrong color or was completely the wrong item, you'll be able to return it to Amazon using their locker set up while your grocery shop.  That saves you an unnecessary trip to the post office or UPS!  The lockers can also be used for customers to pick up their orders.

If you've picked up a prize from us before, you know our studios are right across the street from Whole Foods. Because their prices are a little steeper than I'd like, I don't do a ton of my weekly grocery shopping there, but I do grab lunch off the hot bar several times a week! I also order a lot of my materials for my small business from Amazon Prime, so having the lockers there would be a game changer for me!

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