The National Hockey League has Tweeted an endorsement of trans. We don't know what prompted the professional hockey league to enter America's Culture Wars, but they are getting many adverse social reactions.  Here is the Tweet from the NHL.

The Local Reaction

Before we go to the national reaction, we asked folks in Boise what they thought of the NHL's new woke move. Lee Joe shared, "God creates all men and women; if you're purpose and glory is not to define gender or not to have children to bring before God, then you are against God. The NHL is free to have that opinion; I have never watched a full game."

On the other hand two others had different opinions. Liberal Steve explained, "why should I care what the NHL does? If you want to accept someone, accept them; come on, let's be real!" Tyler added, "if a trans woman wants to go play hockey and go play with the boys and they can handle it , whatever, that sport is rough."

The National Reaction




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