There is no doubt that football is America's favorite sport. Sportico reported that 93 of the top-rated broadcasts were NFL games. Football is so popular that three college football games made the top 100.

The game has become an event regardless if you are a fan of a team or not. It's not unusual for bars across the Boise area to be filled with San Fransisco 49ers fans. Remember when local sports bars overflowed with Seattle Seahawks fans? (We do love winners in the Treasure Valley.)

However, one state is now considering a ban on youth tackle football. Can you guess which liberal, progressive nanny state says it's time for under-12 tackle football to go? We'll give you a clue: it's in the west. Is it Oregon, Washington, Arizona, or California?

If you guessed the Golden State, then you would be correct. The state that banned rodeos is not debating whether or not to eliminate youth football. Rolling blackouts, massive deficits, crazy environment, lawlessness, and sadness don't rise to the level of youth football.

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California's legislature is looking into a ban on youth football. The bill is called AB74, reports ABC News. Cardiac arrest and concussions were detailed in the bill as reasons for the ban. Medical experts say that football and youth tackle football is too dangerous. 

Unlike other competitive sports, football is a game based on contact and collisions. Over the years, the NFL, NCAA, High Schools, and youth football leagues have become more aware of the dangers of concussions, which can lead to permanent brain damage. 

However, there are several millions of athletes who've played youth football and credit the experience as an important part of their lives.

ABC News shares a report from the Centers for Disease Control that says: 

'in 2021 found that youth tackle football participants received 15 times more head impacts than those who played flag football, during both practices and games. They also sustained 23 times more "high-magnitude" head impacts, defined by the study as more significant than or equal to 40 times the force of gravity.'

You can read the CDC study here.

The committee passed the bill, and it now moves on to the full House for a floor vote. We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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