There's an old wives' tale that the more money a person has, the stingier they are with their money. If you believe the breaking published reports from this Idaho town, then one of the world's wealthiest people has an issue paying $4 for a cup of coffee in Idaho.

As we've disclosed here, the world's wealthiest have again set up camp in Idaho, discussing world domination, money mergers, and perhaps the latest video games. 

Thanks to Starbucks and other coffee shops, Americans are trained to pay extra money for their latte or regular cup of coffee. How many times have you looked forward to that magical cup of coffee in the morning or to power you through a long boring meeting? For most of us mere mortals, the cost is not an issue when it comes to our cup of java. 

However, if you're Warren Buffett's wife, four dollars is too expensive for a cup of coffee in Idaho or in any part of the civilized world. Mr. and Mrs. Buffett are said to be worth over $115 billion. 

The NY Post reported that Astrid Buffett said she could buy a pound of coffee for that price. The NY Post confirmed that the $4 coffee at Konditorei is the region's most affordable cup of coffee. 

The Buffetts are in Idaho for the annual gathering of the world's wealthiest and most famous individuals. The yearly event is known for its secrecy, where big deals are proposed, developed, and closed. No word on whether or not the Buffetts will bring their coffee the next time they visit our beloved state. 

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