Do you know that every year a small town in Idaho is the center of the financial and media universe? The city is in a remote yet famous part of the state that attracts the titans of finance, media, tech, government, and sports year after year. Is the Gem State really a magnet for folks who control movie studies, currency, AI, and sectors that are too abstract to list here?

We can share that this meeting of the world's moguls is not meeting in Boise, Meridian, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, McCall, or Coeur d'Alene. Before we divulge the location in Idaho where you have a good chance of hanging out with Elon Musk or talking about media with Rupert Murdoch, we wanted to share with you a list of 'regular' celebrities you're likely to meet in Idaho.

10 Celebrities You're Most Likely to Encounter in Idaho

The celebrities listed are big-time. However, they pale compared to the folks currently in Idaho at what is known as the 'summer camp for billionaires. The location of every mogul's favorite getaway is Sun Valley, Idaho.

The ski resort hosts a yearly conference hosted by Allen & Company where the world's elite brainstorm and mountain bike without fear of media oversight. Rumors are that this Idaho town has spawned mergers, marriages, and many divorces.  


  The event has taken place in Sun Valley since 1983. This year's conference is closer to pre-pandemic years, as folks have ditched the masks and other restrictions.

How Does An Idaho Town of 1,500 handle so many titans of industry?

The airport in the Wood River Valley may not appear to be world-class, but each year Lear jets costing seventy-five million dollars and more find the Friedman Memorial Airport their home. The airport adjusted capacity over the years to handle planes, from a Gulfstream G650 to a prop plane.

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However, the airport goes into 'Super Bowl' mode to handle the excessive traffic of the world's 1%. The New York Times explored the logistics of how this tiny airport in the middle of nowhere becomes a world-class aviation hub for one week out of the year. 

 'During a 24-hour period last year as the conference began, more than 300 flights passed through Friedman Memorial Airport in Hailey, a small town near Sun Valley, according to data from Flightradar24, an industry data firm. They ranged from tiny propeller planes to long-wing commercial jets.'



Where do they stay?

Ernest Hemingway has been called many names during his run as one of if not America's most excellent writers.  Idaho was his last resting place, where the writer eventually took his life. 

Hemingway could be called Idaho's first celebrity as he began his love affair with the Gem State by staying in Suite 206 of the Sun Valley Lodge.  The lodge is known for its second to known hospitality and will host billionaires from Robert Kraft to Tim Cook to Rupert Murdoch.  We do not know who stays in the Hemingway suite at the time of publication.

Sun Valley
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Who Do We Know Is In Idaho Right Now?

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