Paris may have the Louvre. Saudi Arabia has the world's largest supply of oil. However, the world's richest city is only two hours from Boise. The city or small town is so reclusive that it only holds the title of the world's most prosperous town for one week. 

You may ask yourself how any city or town can go from obscurity to attracting the world's elite in one week and then disappear for another fifty-one weeks of the year. Does this location, only two hours from Boise, have the world's largest supply of potatoes, lithium, natural gas, sugar beets, or natural gas? 

Allen & Co. Holds Its Annual Sun Valley Conference In Idaho
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This Idaho location has world-class skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. It isn't the home to any known natural resources that would allow any commodity to be sold on the world's markets. 

This ideal Idaho city has incredible beauty, history, and remoteness. It is where America's Greatest Writer, Ernest Hemingway, killed himself. For over thirteen years, the world's most propitious famous, and well-known citizens have traveled two hours from Boise to live and play in Idaho.


Going on right now, Allen & Company is hosting the annual 'summer camp for billionaires attracting anyone who is anyone in the world of money, media, tech, politics, sports, and anything else that matters.

In other words, the most concentrated accumulation of wealth is now only two hours from Boise. The attendees are so wealthy, their combined wealth exceeds the gross domestic product of most countries.

Will any of these bigwigs fly into Boise? The answer is no to that one little buddy, as these folks will fly their expensive and luxurious planes to Hailey Airport. 

If you're driving up to Hailey or Ketchum, it's worth the two-hour trip to see the planes of Buffett, Gates, Zuckerberg, and others. 

Fortune describes how much air traffic is in the area.

Nearby Friedman Memorial Airport has already begun experiencing delays from the traffic ahead of the event, which is set to kick off in full on Wednesday. As of Tuesday afternoon, the airport was experiencing inbound flight delays averaging about 1 hour and 55 minutes, according to data from flight-tracking website FlightAware. Though, flights heading out from the airport do not appear to be impacted.

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