Idaho is one of the most conservative drug-free states in the country. The state hasn't followed others by legalizing marijuana in any form. There have been attempts within the legislature to allow medical marijuana, but those efforts have failed.

As the Idaho Legislature continues to wrap up its work for this year, recent legislation highlighted the difference between the Conservative House and the more moderate Senate.

The bill, HB 613, would make it illegal for businesses, industries, and individuals to advertise drugs that are illegal or services that are associated with illicit drugs, primarily marijuana. Idaho is surrounded by states that are currently breaking federal law by legalizing marijuana.

The small town of Ontario, Oregon, is the weed capital of the Beaver State. National publications such as the New York Times have profiled the record amount of money made in Oregon from Idahoans buying marijuana that is illegal in the Gem State.

It isn't uncommon to see billboards in Idaho promoting the purchase of marijuana in Oregon. The bill passed the House 47-22 but was defeated by a close controversial vote in the state senate 18-16. A one-vote margin that would've tied led to a tie and a vote from the lieutenant governor.

The senate vote reveals a pro-pot agenda by some of the Republican senators who would like the state to legalize marijuana. It is interesting to note that several lawmakers said they were afraid of voting against the Fentanyl bill that was signed into law. Apparently, they're not afraid of being labeled as anti-law enforcement for not supporting the police who lobbied in favor of the bill.

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