The Idaho State Senate has passed a bill that would eliminate the current debate raging in classrooms across the state. Did we say classrooms? Sorry, the Senate passed a bill that addresses who can and can't use school restrooms. The bill now goes to the full Senate for a floor vote.

SB 1100, written by Senator Ben Adams of Nampa, says that the birth gender of the student will determine which restroom a student will use during the school day. In other words, if you're born a boy, you will use the boy's restroom, and girls, who are born girls, will use the girl's bathroom.


  Yes, in a state where education lags behind national standards and taxpayers send millions to fix a broken system, the Senate Education Committee voted on restrooms. The bill was necessary due to the current climate involving school systems allowing students to choose their bathrooms.

What About The Trans Students?

Idaho Education News reported on protection in the bill for trans students or students considering transitioning from one gender to another. "The bill would require schools to provide other accommodations for anyone “unwilling or unable” to use facilities aligned with their gender assigned at birth."

What's Next?

The bill will go to the full Senate floor, once approved it will go to a House committee and then to the full house for a vote. If both the House and Senate pass the bill it will go to Governor Little's desk for his signature. Michael Hon testified in favor of the bill courtesy of Idaho Education News. “God made man and woman … and eventually men and women made men’s and women’s bathrooms for men and women,” said Michael Hon of Meridian. “We have either part A or part B. Let’s keep it simple.”

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