Remember when you were a kid and had those endless summers of fun, sleeping in, camps, and sometimes vacations? Or if you're a parent, grandparent, guardian, or someone who cares about kids, summertime is a challenge. What do you do with your kids?

Television used to be a common concern for parents and teachers. Remember when your parents warned you that 'television will rot your brain?' Today, the threat has evolved. Phones, with their access to deviant social media, pose a significant risk to our children's emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

Idaho education is not just a concern, it's a crisis. It ranks among the top three issues for every Idahoan. Despite the state's significant investment in public education, Idaho schools consistently fall short of national standards, teachers are struggling with low pay, and the state is grappling with a high dropout rate. In simple terms, in the year 2024, Idaho kids are still not graduating high school.

The giant elephant in the room is the continued crisis in public education. This crisis encompasses a range of issues, from inadequate funding and resources to outdated teaching methods and a lack of support for teachers. Politicians and parents, in response, are advocating for a tax break for homeschooling and private schools as a potential solution.

Idaho schools continue to close due to a lack of funding. How many schools have to close before someone decides drastic measures are not a choice but a necessity, considering the dismal test scores? It's time for a complete audit of how the state spends its money on education. There is no legitimate reason for schools in Kuna, Caldwell, and Nampa to close when Idaho's population increases.

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