The Idaho Legislature returns to action with the possibility that this could be the last week of this year's session. Political experts will rate this edition as one of the most conservative. Usually, Idaho politicians focus on education funding and other monetary issues.

This year, lawmakers introduced bills on a range of topics, including pronouns, libraries, and other social issues. Governor Little once again emerged as a key figure in the session, with his bills, notably Idaho Launch, securing full funding and approval.

One elected official shared with us their thoughts on the session ending this week. "As soon as the announcement is made that the legislature has adjourned, make a loud, enthusiastic announcement immediately followed by playing the song, "Happy Days Are Here Again"." 

Lawmakers tell us that they're excited to get home and begin the work of campaigning. Other states have a general election in November; Idaho's May Primary is the general election. The state's Republican Party is one of the largest and most dominant state parties in the country.

With the exception of the Boise, Democrats do not get elected in Idaho. Republicans will face another internal civil war as the grassroots battle establishment sections of the party. Idahoans have already had the privilege of getting inundated with text messages, door hangers, postcards, mailers, radio commercials, billboards, and even television ads.

The majority of Idaho taxpayers continue to question why their lawmakers refuse to propose and pass legislation that would eliminate the state's grocery tax. The Gem State is one of only thirteen states that taxes groceries in the country.

Home ownership in Idaho is an expensive lifestyle. Idahoans have told us they're worried they may lose their homes if property tax reform doesn't happen soon. Last year, the governor did sign a bill that reduced the burden on homeowners. Still, taxpayers attribute this year's property tax reduction to declining home prices.

We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.


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