Two years ago, Idaho Republicans chose a new chairman to lead the party. The old chairman, Tom Luna, was out, and Representative Dorothy Moon replaced him.

Like her predecessor, Mr. Luna, Chairman Moon is confronted with a formidable challenge for reelection. The chairmanship of the state party is a demanding role that offers no financial compensation. The chairman's work is voluntary, and they often must endure criticism from allies and adversaries.

In the past two years, Chairman Moon has had to navigate through internal party conflicts, external political pressures, and the need to maintain party unity, all while striving to uphold the party's core values and principles.

Since the last election, both sides have been working tirelessly, investing thousands of dollars and countless hours, in their campaign efforts. The goal? To either oust the chairman or reelect her. The intensity of these efforts underscores the high stakes of this election.

Ironically, former State Senator Mary Souza has emerged as a challenger to the incumbent. Senator Souza, a seasoned politician with a strong base of support, ran for Secretary of State, campaigning against former Representative Moon and Phil McGrane.

Her decision to challenge Chairman Moon for the party's leadership reflects a growing dissatisfaction within the party and could potentially reshape the party's leadership and future direction.

Republicans from all over the are traveling to Coeur d’Alene to determine the future of the party and who leads it. Political experts believe the race for governor will begin after the November general election. Whoever controls the party will control the party platform.

You can read a preview of what's at stake this weekend here. You can watch the Souza/Moon/McGrane debate here.

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