It's over. After two years of campaigning, the Idaho Republican Party has reelected Chairman Dorothy Moon. Republicans of all political levels have been working to continue the current chairman's path while others were working to replace her. The party's issue and direction were decided over the weekend at the state convention in Couer d'Alene.

The election should finally end the divisions within the state party, but that remains to be seen. The party's new platform targets a few programs that were passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Little.

Voters are likely to decide whether the state will abolish the current primary system and replace it with rank-choice voting. In other words, primaries and political parties will be replaced by the top four candidates.

Other Republicans rightly state that rank-choice voting has led to the demise of Republicans in Western states. Having more than two candidates on the ballot will allow a spoiler to derail an actual one-on-one matchup.

Idaho Republicans will have to decide if they'll follow the lead of other states by allowing rank-choice voting to become law. If that happens, Republicans won't have to worry about fighting each other but a resurgent and well-funded liberal progressive Democratic Party. We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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