Our old friends at the New York Times are at it again. The paper of record recently published an intensive article detailing the boom in the sale of legal marijuana in Ontario, Oregon. The report again reviews how many Idahoans break state and federal law by buying weed in Oregon. 

The dilemma is not a new one for Idahoans who value their own individual individualism and personal freedom. Several Republicans, the state's most dominant political party, have expressed publicly and privately the need to allow marijuana legalization in the Gem State. 

The New York Times shares that Oregon's move to mainstream marijuana was lucrative. Ontario's first year of legal marijuana brought in $1.8 million and rose another sixty-five percent the following year. 

Just Say No To Drugs
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Boise City Councilman Patrick Bageant expressed his pro-pot position to the New York Times. "Legalizing marijuana can help bring in different forms of cash," Mr. Bageant said. "Just look around the country — we as a state should be more forward-looking."

However, what isn't reported is how the legalization of marijuana has caused more crime, drug addiction, and the closing of several businesses in Ontario. 

Idaho is the only state in the union that has not legalized marijuana. Idaho Governor Brad Little stated that he was not the governor who would legalize marijuana. There have been several efforts both at the legislative level along with talks of public referendums. All efforts have failed to move out of a committee or get the number of signatures to move the needle.

Several law enforcement officers working on the Idaho/Oregon border tell us they pride themselves in keeping Idaho drug-free. The federal government may not enforce federal law, which allows states to legalize weed without penalty, but dispensary owners cannot use banks or file federal taxes.


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