Social media companies wield incredible power in today's digital-driven world. Despite their efforts to shadow ban or eliminate Conservative news, thought and opinion sites dominate today's social media platforms. However, your ability to access KIDO Talk Radio on various social outlets could go away.

Many KIDO Talk Radio listeners have reported being placed in 'Facebook Jail' or other types of shadow banning. Remember when this beloved Boise pastor was booted from Facebook for his Conservative beliefs? You can read that story here. If social media sites can ban individuals, what about Conservative news and opinion outlets like KIDO Talk Radio? 

Facebook Jail

East Idaho News and Axios reported that Facebook or Meta would move away from news stories to become more like the Communist Chinese-owned Tik Tok. In other words, less written stories and more videos of cats, frogs, and other mindless media influencers. Facebook has been bleeding money due to the growth of other platforms.  

Mark Zuckerberg Extends Block On President Trump’s Facebook, Instagram Accounts ‘Indefinitely’
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The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook would cut funding to its news publishers in hopes of attracting new viewers. 'Reallocating resources from News and Bulletin is part of a broader shift within the company toward the metaverse and short-form video content creators that can compete with ByteDance Ltd.’s TikTok.'

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