The holiday season is over for most of America. However, the Gem State is home to so many outdoor activities that we never seem to have a season of rest. Winter in Idaho means trips to Sun Valley, Tamarack, McCall, or perhaps some snowmobiling at a favorite local spot. Most folks want to know whether or not gas prices will continue to rise as they did in 2021, or could 2022 be the year when gas prices return to a sense of normalcy?

Once again, Idaho's gas prices exceeded the national average. Prices in Idaho averaged around $3.55 per gallon, while the national average is $3.33 per gallon. AAA Idaho reports in their latest release that our gas prices dropped two cents from last week and nine cents from last month.

Trouble Abroad Means High Prices in Idaho

Nationally the price of domestic oil remains at around eighty dollars a barrel. Remember, during the Trump Administration, our country was energy independent. Those days appear to be over for the foreseeable future.  

Were Gas Prices Ever Affordable Last Year?

AAA reports that January was the most affordable month for gasoline prices last year. As the weather cleared, the cost of gasoline rose to meet the increased demand coming off the previous year, dominated by a Covid lockdown and travel restrictions. It's no surprise that Idaho gas prices peaked in July and August.

Most experts predict that we will once again be one of the most expensive states for gasoline purchases.

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