Last Friday, Ron Grant, host of the Safer Money Specialist show on KIDO Talk Radio, along with Kevin Miller, host of the Kevin Miller Show on KIDO Talk Radio and Nicole Gouvea of Sothebys Realty took over hundreds of donated socks to the City Light Home for Women in Downtown Boise.

Grant expressed that he felt it was essential to provide much needed cold-weather essentials.

After delivering the socks, Grant and Miller toured the grounds with a representative of City Light. The shelter, founded in 2000, has multiple units for a variety of segments of women and children in need of housing, food or other means of emergency services.

“We seek to be a safe and stable place where women and children can heal from the hurts that have left them vulnerable. No matter if they are staying on a night by night basis or participating in the New Life Program, we look at each person as an individual. Recognizing that safety and security are ultimately found in Jesus, we present Him as the solution to their pain while accepting them wherever they are in their journey.” - from City Light's website. 

In addition to emergency services, New Light provides the New Life Program for women in need of addiction recovery assistance. This program, funded completely from public support like the entirety of City Light and Boise Rescue Mission programs, is available to as many as 30 women.

More information on City Light can be seen here on the website.

As for Ron Grant, he looks forward to other charitable drives such as a coat drive in the pre-Christmas season. For more information, stay tuned on and on your KIDO Talk Radio mobile app.




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