Flying is one of the most convenient and popular ways to get from one destination to another. Flying has become an adventure as folks recover from the pandemic in recent years. Gone are the days of half-empty or empty planes. 

It has become a sport to see what people will try to carry on with them while traveling by air. How often have we seen folks bashing the overhead compartments trying to fit a large bag into a space that is just too small? And others who haven't bothered to figure out that there just isn't enough space for all their stuff?

Dankers, Lorie / TSA Boise Airport
Dankers, Lorie / TSA Boise Airport

Another challenge of post-9/11 traveling is getting through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint. The Boise area is blessed that the Boise Airport has an excellent reputation for getting folks safely and quickly through their security checkpoint.

New 3-D Explosives Scanner Installed At TSA Checkpoint At Miami Airport
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However, it is a challenge to unpack everything, put it in a box, and go through the x-ray machine or whatever device TSA uses to screen for prohibited items. By the way, have you ever been caught with something that wasn't allowed on a flight? 

What happens if you unknowingly are carrying something prohibited by the TSA? The officer will allow you to go check it in checked baggage, give it to a family member, or drop it off in your vehicle. 

TSA / Boise Airport
TSA / Boise Airport

The TSA has very specific guidelines for carrying an item that is dangerous or illegal:

If the traveler opts not to do any of the above, they can abandon the item to TSA for disposal. Anything that resembles an explosive, whether inert, active or a replica, is never allowed in carry-on or checked baggage. TSA officers are never permitted to allow a prohibited item into the sterile area of the airport. 

If the item is illegal locally, TSA will notify airport law enforcement to resolve the matter. Some items are not allowed to travel on an aircraft because they are considered an explosive or hazardous materials. 

TSA Federal Security Director in Idaho Andy Coose shares how you can avoid any trouble at the airport. "I can't say this more clearly: stop and empty each of your bags before you pack for your trip, just to make sure there is nothing in it that might cause a problem for you when you get to the airport. You are responsible for whatever is in your bag when it arrives for TSA screening, and the fines can be in the thousands of dollars for an undeclared gun in your bag."

Common sense dictates what you can and can't take on a plane, and if someone has a question, there's always Google or the TSA website.

The TSA recently released the top ten items that were prohibited from outgoing flights from Boise. You won't believe the items that these folks were trying to get on a plane. 

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