Despite the best-kept plans by the state of Idaho, convicted killer Thomas Creech lives another day. Mr. Creech was sentenced to die Wednesday morning by lethal injection, but the state failed to carry out his death sentence. Published reports say the state tried and tried, but couldn't find a vein on Mr. Creech. Without a vein, the lethal injection couldn't be administered. 

The Idaho Department of Corrections stated why Mr. Creech's death sentence was not carried out Wednesday morning. 

'At approximately 11am, Director Tewalt, after consulting with the medical team leader, determined that the medical team could not establish an IV line, rendering the execution unable to proceed. Mr. Creech will be returned to his cell and witnesses will be escorted out of the facility. As a result, the death warrant will expire at 11:59 p.m.. The State will consider next steps. Director Tewalt and State witnesses, to include the media, will be arriving in the media center shortly for a brief press conference. '

Protesters Wanted To Stop Execution

Mr. Creech's death attracted thousands of protesters both online and in person, demanding the state not kill the convicted killer. He has been on death row after his murder conviction in 1981. His attorneys made an effort to have the United States Supreme Court intervene, but they declined to save his life.

Mr. Creech is also responsible for four other deaths and is rumored to have killed many more people. His last meal was fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and ice cream. He will live to have many more meals in his Idaho prison cell.

Governor Little Responds:

“IDOC officials are experienced and well prepared for a variety of situations that can arise during lethal injection execution. The team of professionals at IDOC was prepared for the possibility that medical professionals would not be able to access the inmate's veins, a circumstance that has occurred in execution procedures elsewhere in the country. The competent and qualified medical professionals present and IDOC officials were cautious and did the right thing in not moving forward with the execution. My office will remain in close communication with IDOC about next steps," Governor Little said.

The controversy involving the acquisition and cost of drugs used for lethal injection caused the state to pass a law allowing the firing squad as an alternative. 

The state has yet to build a facility but could move quickly to do so in hopes of solving the challenges of death by lethal injection. We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.


You can see the post Creech press conference here. 

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