The Treasure Valley used to have a chicken problem. Our area didn't have a lot of chicken restaurants. Then, one day, Chick-fil-A opened stores in Boise and Meridian. Other national chains followed, some from Nashville and others from other famous chicken destinations. 

Slim Chickens opened in Meridian to record crowds. You can take a look at the Meridian location here.

Check Out Meridian's Favorite Chicken Restaurant

Amazing Southern food rocks the West!

Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller

One of America's most tasteful and famous chicken outlets is Raising Canes. The closest Raising Canes is located five hours from Boise in Utah. The chain offers chicken platters, sandwiches and French fries. Some fans want Raising Canes to build their next super store in Boise.

Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller

We recently had a chance to enjoy a meal at Raising Canes. The service was great and the chicken was outstanding. Here's a look at what you can expect if Raising Canes moves to Boise or you'd like to make a run to Utah for a chicken fix.

The Vibe

If you're a fan of the eighties, you'll love the music played at Raising Canes. Whether you remember the hits or you're a fan of the classic songs, eighties music is played heavily at Raising Canes.

Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller

The Inside

The interior is decorated with lots of red and chicken signs. Raising Canes has no servers, like Slim Chickens, you go to the counter to get your food. Unlike Slim Chickens, you have to wait at the counter to get your food. Slims delivers your food to your table.

Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller

The Verdict

Is Raising Canes worth the five-hour drive? Although we liked the food, we'd recommend Raising Canes if you're in Utah. The Treasure Valley would surely welcome another Chicken restaurant. Hopefully, we can count on Rasing Canes to join several national chains to build in the Boise area.

Best Chicken Strip Reviews In Boise

I went ahead and dug through all of the possible Google reviews and found the best chicken strips in Treasure Valley.

These are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

Best Chicken Sandwiches In Boise And Treasure Valley

We're are living in historic times. As I call it: The Chicken Sandwich Era. Today, every restaurant has a chicken sandwich coming out. They may not have five years ago, but they do now. We all have our favorites, and they're all valid. Some say Chick Fil A started the craze, others claim Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich has been around and remains at the top. Let's look at what you said your favorites were here in the Treasure Valley.

Gallery Credit: Cort Freeman


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